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Jan 2021
Swedish Data Protection Authority changes its name - Datainspektionen becomes Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, IMY)
Nov 2020
CJEU rules on active and informed consent for the lawful processing of personal data, C-61/19 Press release
July 2020
CJEU rules that EU-US Privacy Shield does not give adequate protection, C-311/18 Press release / Pressmeddelande
Jan 2020
EDPB publishes Guidelines 3/2019 on processing of personal data through video devices. At
Oct 2019
CJEU clarifies that active consent is needed to store cookies
Case C-673/17
Press release / Pressmeddelande
Sept 2019
CJEU rules that the “right to be forgotten” is not a global right
Case C-507/17
Press release
July 2019
New EU Regulation 2019/947 on drones comes into force, introducing rules on safety, privacy and operator registration.
June 2019
New EU Regulation 2019/881 on cybersecurity “EU Cybersecurity Act” comes into force, introducing rules for certification of products, processes and services.
May 2019
New EU Regulation 2018/1807 on non-personal data comes into force, enabling the free flow of data throughout the EU and banning localisation requirements of territory-specific processing.
Dec 2018
New EU Regulation 2018/302 on geo-blocking comes into force, addressing discriminatory treatment of customers based on nationality, place or residence or location.
May 2018
New EU Regulation 2016/679 on data protection “GDPR” comes into force. The GDPR applies from 25 May, replacing Directive 95/46/EC and Member State laws that implemented the Directive.
April 2018
New EU Regulation 2017/1128 on portability of online content services comes into force, enabling access to online subscriptions when travelling within the EU.
Oct 2017
Sweden proposes data retention reforms in wake of CJEU judgement from Dec 2016. Delbeta╠łnkandet SOU 2017:75 Datalagring - brottsbeka╠łmpning och integritet; English summary p.31-45
April 2017
Article 29 Working Party publishes (final) Guidelines on GDPR - data portability, DPOs & supervisory authorities. At
Feb 2017
Swedish court obliges internet providers to block “pirate” websites
Case no. PMT 11706-15
Press release (in Swedish)
Dec 2016
CJEU prohibits a general data retention obligation
Joined Cases C-203/15 & C-698/15
Press release / Pressmeddelande